METAVISUALS - Book of Life Visual Development by Patrick Jensen

Book of Life Visual Development by Patrick Jensen -


Visual Development

Working on this piece was a complete blast. Art directed by Paul Sullivan, I was given the amazingly detailed pencil layout by Alan Tam as a starting point for this piece. You can see in the fading images below how I usually like to tackle complex work like this. You'll see Alan's pencils, then I'll lasso out all the major shapes onto separate layers. Then, it's basically paint by number since everything can easily be contained in those layers using clipping masks.

The trick is to work organized like this until the piece is about 80% there. Then, I like to simplify the whole PSD into a few foreground, midground, and background elements and spend the last 20% painting over everything. I'll create broad adjustment layers that affect the whole piece to help with flow and finally polish all the little details here and there.


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